Welcome to Surgery

The Department of Surgery has a strong focus on translational research. Problems encountered in the clinic are translated into research questions that are experimentally addressed in our laboratories, using patient samples, animal models and/or small interventions during surgery. The insights gained from these studies aim to improve patient care and treatment.

The scientific staff of the Department of Surgery actively participates in diverse courses of the bachelor's and master's programmes of the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences curricula of FHML. Staff members have coordinating roles, provide lectures, act as a tutor during Problem-Based Learning, and guide students during internships. A variety of internships for medical and biomedical students is offered by each of our research programmes.

Acclimatized laboratories house state of the art mass spectrometers and high performance liquid chromatographic equiment dedicated to support clinical and basic (bio)chemical research questions. Innovative immunological assays, many of which are developed in-house, are widely used throughout the scientific community. The facilities, operated by experienced researchers, are not only open for support of internal research, but also for collaboration and/or contract research for both scientific and/or commercial partners.